Exotica Skin Care



The AquafirmeXS is an ultra hydrating facial which uses plant-based serums combined with exfoliation, oxygenation, and more to leave your skin revitalized and renewed. The AquafirmeXS is the ultimate facial designed to comfortably deliver nutrients into the skin to defend against aging and improve your skin’s appearance. We can address acne prone skin with a deep detoxifying cleanse, dry skin with a focus on hydration, pigmentation and damage with a focus on restoration, and so much more based on your desired results.



DE|RIVE is a treatment for hair restoration. If you are looking for a solution for thinning hair, alopecia, and more DE|RIVE is the treatment for you. This treatment works to increase hair growth naturally to get thicker and fuller hair. The plant-based serums focus on hair and scalp health at the cellular level to provide you with real results!



EXO|E is a skin rejuvenating plant-based serum skin care line. EXO|E is derived from plants and is designed to naturally benefit your skin. It can aid with addressing common skin conditions and anti-aging. EXO|E can also be paired with any aesthetic treatment if you are looking to enhance your results and reduce downtime. EXO|E has natural anti-inflammatory properties which increases your comfort after an aesthetic treatment and works to achieve the skin results you desire faster. The EXO|E system is chemical-free, water-based, and made in the USA.

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